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a_trialbyfire's Journal

A Trial by Fire
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oh, Discordia!
the world has moved on!


Welcome to World's End, a place that's continually rising from the ashes. Old gods have been forgotten by some, never known by others. The world has Moved On. That's what the residents would say. The Crimson King is also absent, but the shadow of the Dark Tower out at sea is ever present. It still moves and brings dreams that move you.

Sleep brings some here, death brings others. When you open your eyes you may still see something familiar. The Castle That Never Was sits up at the very boundary of the city while the Raccoon City Police Department is just a block from the center. Shin-Ra Company stands at only five stories versus the seventy of before, and the Triforce of Hyrule is etched into the stone of the Sanctuary. Humans, Demons, Angels and Elves form the ka-tet, one made from many. Lives are now joined by both fate and survival. There may be faces that you've seen before, but monsters too. Direwolves and wights from Westeros roam the land along with the T-virus mutated undead. Dementors and Redead lurk in the graveyard, hoping to catch the unwary. And then there's the radroaches... This isn't a place for the squeamish.

The new gods cry commala, as they have arrived to take control of your blood, sweat, and tears. And all will flow as never before.


A Trial by Fire is a panfandom roleplay originally based on the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
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