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Glossary of Common Terms/Phrases/People/Events

Glossary of Common Terms/Phrases/People/Events

Crimson King: Not much is known about him other than evil and madness radiates from him. Seeking the destruction of all worlds through the Tower, he has actively sought to manipulate, guilt, blackmail, and possess others to do as he wishes, up to and including kill for his cause. None have seen him in the flesh of the city, but it is rumored that he is a shape shifter. His symbol is the red eye that often appears on the bulletin board, and the Taheen and the Can-toi, who in the past have invaded the city in droves, answer to him.

The Grapefruit: Long ago, a demon of the Prim (Maerlyn) made thirteen colored spheres, each with it own power that ranged from levitation to being able to see doors that transcend physical planes. The Pink (also known as Maerlyn’s Grapefruit) has landed in World’s End, slipping from owner to owner, wrecking havoc in its path. Addictive as any drug, it shows the worst of a person’s deeds (adultery, rape, murder, theft, so on) or twists the actions so they appear dark, cruel. Pulling the watcher in, it is easy to become paranoid and obsessed, constantly worried that someone will steal or break it, and all the while it is busy devouring the lifeforce of he who holds it until naught but a husk remains.

Can-Toi (low-men): Diseased, poor smelling, and flea-ridden, the Can-Toi randomly attack the city in droves that would make ant colonies round the world proud. Though they have the heads of rats and the body of men, they often attempt to (poorly) disguise themselves with cheap rubber human masks. They work under the Crimson King’s orders, and often wear a yellow happy face button and the Crimson King’s bleeding eye on their forehead.

Taheen: Craftier and stronger, the taheen have the body of men but the heads of any bird or mammal. Also working for the Crimson King, when they attack the city, it is often of fewer numbers but better strategy.

The Beams: There are six Beams that span across all worlds and lead to The Dark Tower. These mystical and mostly invisible forces hold the places and the Tower up, safe, and together. Though not seen to the naked eye, one might notice things like clouds suddenly directing in a different pattern or trees slightly growing or blooming broader across their paths. The Can-Toi and Taheen have orders to kidnap psychics to keep in encampments so that they can use their powers to destroy these Beams.

The Dark Tower: Though ever-changing in distance, the Dark Tower lies off the shore of the ocean, ominous and waiting. Though nothing is known of what sits inside it, people have called it “the nexus of all worlds” and have alluded that if it falls, then all shall fall with it. The closer it draws to the shore, the more likely something sinister shall befall the residents of World’s End, be it dreams, attacks, or even worse.

- Dark Tower Dreams

Sackboys/Sackgirls: Seen in the game “Little Big Planet”, there is one for each citizen of World’s End. Dressed in the small outfits that mimic their resident counterpart, they often carry the same personality traits and pantomime their way through the city. Unable to speak, they do, however, hear, bite, smell, kick, hug, and everything else a normal person can do, aside from the fact that they’re but a few inches tall. Inside their chest lies a personal key to the door in the schoolhouse, and removing it will kill the sackboy/sackgirl. Keep in mind, you only get one key and one sackboy.

(Note: As of Jan 25th, all sackdolls have been unstuffed, de-keyed and hung on the bulletin board. They'll be coming back into play at a later date)

The Door: There is a single door, which has been relocated as of 1/25/10 to the Schoolhouse. It bears a nameplate that changes depending on which sackdoll key slides into the lock. To open it is to see another world, another life of yourself, a “what could have been”. Inside lies you, a you of other thoughts and personalities, traits and desires, an opposite. And if you walk through, by your will or someone else’s, another you strolls out, giving it freedom to walk in your stead in the city. The only way to reverse the situation is to throw the opposite-version of yourself through the door once more, thus granting the original (if there is such a thing, really; everything is just a dimension) access back to the city again.

Twinner- The version of a person which exists in a paralell world, found beyond The Door in the schoolhouse. They essentially function as AU characters, and have also been called 'Door Characters'. You can putter with them on the a_tbfdoor  community.

21 Sacraments: A killing spree that lasted months and was supposed to bring forth something dark, terrible. The victims were many, and some of them were the most well-known citizens in the city (Aaron, Avari, Elena, ect.). It was only after the demon Yuber was caught was it realized that he had been possessed by the Crimson King to commit the first group of murders, though, strangely, they continued after. The 21 Sacraments were completed, and used as a means to summon the goddess Discordia, whose presence is now beginning to truly make itself known in World's End.


Direwolves are a beast from Westeros, huge wolves known for being ferocious fighters, but also as staunch companions. They appear as a very large form of wolf, apparently able to grow to the size of a pony. The young grow fairly quickly, approaching their full size within a year. Direwolves can appear in any colour within reason, which is to say that any lupine, canine, or vulpine colourings will be acceptable. They won’t appear in anything particularly unnatural, though some may seem to reflect the one who owns them in some way. Though they are nothing more than an animal, neither magical nor enhanced in any way, direwolves are, as their size would likely suggest, stronger than their usual counterparts.

Relationship to character:

Direwolves share a bond with their master. This is not a case of you pet the direwolf and the human feels it. You don’t feel their pain, but you’ll be aware of it. You might be able to trace where they are if they go missing, and vice versa. Similarly, if you are in pain, the direwolf will likely know about it. This is up to the player’s discretion first and foremost. Direwolves will die to protect their master. They can and will fight, and are apparently able to bring down an armoured man on horseback in their home world.

Direwolves will probably get on well with those who: get on well with your character/mean well for your character. They will dislike enemies and those who mean your character harm. Whether this means the wolf growls at an enemy or tries to rip their throat out on sight is up to you. It may also mean that if your character doesn’t trust someone who means them well, the wolf may like them regardless, and vice versa. The direwolf may reflect the character someway, and they often do. This may mean that they offer a counterpart to their character, perhaps through contrast (someone loud and outspoken may have a quiet wolf, etc) or they may be seem almost similar in personality.

Looking After Direwolves:

For the first few weeks they’ll take milk. Milk can be acquired from the goats currently in Zelda’s care, or ask the gods. After that, meat. Direwolves are carnivorous. They’re hunters. They’ll eat other things of course, but meat is what they’re built for. They will also eat quite a lot, as they are big animals. Most of this, they will likely hunt for themselves. Your wolves are here to stay. If you die, they’ll live. If you go home, they’ll go with you, unless you’re on hiatus and they might stick around.

Similarly, if they die, they will come back to life somewhere in the city – but that will be somewhere like the school or the Shadow Temple, and you will likely have to find them yourself. The gods do not like cruelty to direwolves. If you mistreat the animal, it may be taken from you, if it doesn’t attack you itself.

Importantly, direwolves are not instantly well tamed and trained. You will need to do that yourself if you don’t want your beast ripping out throats. Provided the puppies are well cared for and kept tame, they are considered an asset, and can help in fighting and in hunting..
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