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Places and Landmarks

Map located here, by Sara.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see added.
**Note: Castle Oblivion is actually incorrect; it should be The Castle that Never Was.

 A Residency Listing may be found here

1. The Castle That Never Was - The moon appears heart-shaped as it rises over the castle, but once it clears the towers, it once more becomes normal. Entry points have been sealed off, the gate leading to the castle is locked and the easiest way to gain entry is by using the corridors of darkness the nobodies frequent for travel. The castle's interior is similar to it's original appearance.

2. Graveyard - This place took heavy damage in the firestorm. Once-cheerful spirits were here. Now, vicious wraiths and Dementors are said to be crawling, trying to take over the bodies of anyone they can. A few zombies and tonberries can me found in the morning fog here as well. It also houses the Shadow Temple, an ossuary full of monsters and illusions.

3. Church - While once this was a nameless church, it has shifted to become a copy of the Sector 5 Church from Midgar, complete with the flowers. .

4. The Bathhouse - This is a recent build in the city, crafted from what could be salvaged from the ruin in the style of a Persian Hammam. It is, however, perfectly usable and has running water.

5. Zelda’s Sanctuary - The Sanctuary took on Hylian architecture – tiled floors and stone walls, glass in the windows. It is both a hospital and also a set of sparsely furnished apartments.

6. Smithy - If you need a weapon, armor, or the Yugash has convinced you to work up a sweat, come to the shack with the green door. Managed by Dean Winchester.

7. Thorn (Previously Sunde) - The infamous strip club has been repaired, although it is still without any sort of power. Candles fill the inside along with the fireplaces. There's still alcohol and naked people though. (Run by Matt)

8. Shin-Ra Company - The Shin-Ra Building has taken on a greenish cast, the stones of the building mimicking a smaller version of the real one back in Midgar-time. It is still stone and wood though, not metal. The only thing that completely changed is the handpainted Shin-Ra logo outside has become hardened steel.

9. The Eatery -. It's built like a restaurant, two stories, two bedrooms on the top floor. The main room is a large dining room. Open all the time, some food is always available. (Currently run by Ron Weasley and Tyki Mikk)

10. City Square - In the heart of the city is the fountain. The same firestorm which damaged the clocktower also left its mark here. The once proud lions are now nothing more than chunks of stone. However, a low stream of clean water shoots about two inches from the middle of it, drinkable and usable. It is surrounded by a few fruit trees, plum, cherry, and one of the strange blue-apple bearing trees from Banora. There are also a few plants sprouting brussel sprouts, and some more for peas. One more tree grows in this space, a Westerosi weirwood with its white bark and red leaves, a mourning face carved into the trunk

11. Garden - One of the city’s rare beauty spots, this public park holds a path winding through sakura trees, rose bushes, and a variety of hedges and flowers, neatly arranged. Lotus, ajisai, azalias, yellow treasures, and japanese quince are among the blooms here, every day of the year. It is currently  maintained by Marluxia. There are also hotboxes used for propogating a humble selection of vegetables on the rooves of some houses.

12. Schoolhouse - This is the single building that took no damage. Inside, it is the usual nightmare of mental attacks and horrors. The doors can be opened, of course, the schoolhouse's children tormentors always welcoming new 'friends'.

13. Police Station - Instead of the squat building of before, it is now larger, the outside reading Raccoon City Police Department. The weapons will not be present, but everything else will be, although Wesker's office will be locked and unable to be opened. The frosted window reading 'Captain Albert Wesker' cannot be broken, the door cannot be unlocked, and the walls are unbreakable. (Run by the Task Force)
Police Station - 2nd Floor
Police Station - 1st Floor
Police Station – Basement

14. Clocktower - This still stands for the most part, but only a fool would dare try to enter and climb the stairs upwards or downwards at present. The clocks themselves tick on, most of the residents just waiting for the four of them to stop. Some of the paint has peeled away, as though in a firestorm, and the stonework of it damaged in areas.

15. The Lux - This bar is seen as a rather more sophisticated place than Sunde. It is now run more as an inn for new people to the city. (Managed by Grace Halloway).

16. The Library - The dome part of the ceiling has fallen in, crushing some of the stacks of books beneath it. Others have been heat or fire damaged. Basic repairs have saved its current contents from the elements, and new books have begun appearing in the library as well, selections of literature from all over the many worlds. Earth has the most, but the rest of the worlds have books there as well. (Maintained by Zexion)

17. Old hospital - Even after the near destruction of the city, this still stands although it has taken on a more ruined appearance. The windows are cracked, a few missing. People occasionally say that they see figures moving past those windows, but no one can prove anything yet. Occasionally a siren is heard from within this building although there is no electricity on the lower level. How it happens is anyone's guess. Inside, it is a nightmare of physical deathtraps of monsters and physical torture.

18. Pagoda - Surrounded by sakura trees, this building is five stories high, but a little dilapidated in appearance. It is presently abandoned, inhabited by direwolves.

Chez Nobody - A broken down old hotel. Everything above the first floor is ruined and in need of repair. It is not suggested that people frequent anywhere near it, for fear of it collapsing. Completely collapsed, uninhabitable.

New Hospital - A converted office building, this place is workable but still run down in places. Three stories high, this serves as an alternative to Zelda’s hospital, and there is always someone there to help.

Buon Viaggio -
An abandoned Italian restaurant, with a pantry that occasionally restocks itself with staples: Semolina flour, olive oil, ropes of garlic, canned tomatoes and wheels of aged cheese.

The Shrieking Shack- Sits beyond the fence at the northern edge of the graveyard, up a winding and overgrown craggy hill. Wind whistles around the abandoned boarded-up house, rickety and creaking, and it's said the place is haunted. A passageway in its lower floors leads to the Whomping Willow.

Forest - The forest presses in on three of the four sides of the city, thin at first by growing denser by the foot. About half a mile in, it becomes impassable. A low fog hangs in the forest constantly, making sounds muffled and seeing difficult.

Whomping Willow- lies at the northern edge of the Forest, beyond the back of the church. This enchanted willow tree will attack any who approach it by flailing it's branches. There is a secret knot on the trunk which, when pressed, opens an underground passageway to The Shrieking Shack.

River - This has cleared up since the first arrivals came here, the water clear now, if a bit sluggish. It most likely still isn't entirely safe to just scoop up and drink. Strangely enough, there are a few small fish found in it, ones that seem safe to eat.

Ocean/Seashore -  Warped birds that were probably once seagulls pick along the black-sanded shoreline, digging for anything that could be consumed. Clams can be found here, if one digs in the sand enough and knows where to look. The water has cleared as well, although it is salted as any ocean water would be... not to mention the huge mutant fish that occasionally beach themselves. The Lobstrosities have made an appearance as of late, strutting along and trying to snatch up anyone in their claws to eat. They are roughly half the size of a man, strong and poisonous. Occasionally, the Dark Tower can be seen out in the ocean.

Underground Tunnels/Abandoned Sewer System - This area was once run by Albert Wesker. He inhabited numerous rooms down there, at the end of winding tunnels. Boobytraps are scattered around, as well as roaming T-virus infected creatures that are as likely to attack him as they are any intruders. Entering into this area is not advised under any circumstances.

The Upper Plate - Normally not seen during the day due to cloud cover, it is a floating city just above World's End. A supply run goes there by those who can fly every so often, but it is extremely dangerous and supply runs do not last very long up there. Crashed and sunken, as of 2/7/10 .
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