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Mods of A Trial By Fire


1.  Please, try to remember that this is a game, and it’s meant to be a getaway, relaxing. OOC drama is fun for no one, and we want to keep it away. If there are any disagreements or offensive actions, the mods’ doors are always open; it’s what we’re here for, and we want to help.  That said, harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, be it something you’re receiving from an outside game or another player, or one you’re doing to an outside game or another player. If you have any evidence of it going on (emails, IMs, chat logs), show it to the mods immediately.

2. Read the FAQ before applying; it answers many questions you might have about characters, places, and ideas.

3. You must be sixteen or older to play here, because we accept characters and plots that include angst, violence, sexuality, gender issues, drug and alcohol use, profanity, and religious fanaticism, as well as other things. Please use your own discretion when putting warnings on logs, and please be sure that all players involved are comfortable with the content. Any and all NC-17 content needs to be friends locked and placed behind an LJ cut.

4. Be aware of spelling and grammar. While it is acceptable to ignore both in IC journal entries, please also keep in mind that we would like to be able to read what you're writing.

5. No godmoding or metagaming (that should be a given, right?). In that same vein, please try not to pressure others into doing a story line that you might want; talking about it is wonderful, communication is the key in all RPs, but please keep in mind that someone has the right to say “no” if they want.

6. Be respectful of your fellow players in our AIM OOC chat, atbfchat. Off-topics, swearing, and plotting are all allowed, but don't use derogatory or offense terms, and please don't drag your personal conflicts into the chat.

7. All death plots must have approval from all parties involved, along with mod approval. Keep in mind, IC actions have IC reactions. If your character kills someone, expect there to be revenge or consequences.

8. Activity requirements are at least two journal posts per month. Participation in logs may also count towards activity.  An activity check/feedback meme will occur during the first week of each month. If you have missed two consecutive activity checks, your character will be considered dropped. Hiatuses are granted of course; everyone does have a life, after all, and we all know that trumps RP every day. Please remember to use the Hiatus Post.

9. You have one week after being accepted to a)add all journals/comms, b)comment to the Taken Characters post, and c)make your first post. Please friend all journals, including the community ones, and keep your lists updates. We don’t want you guys to miss something through the cracks. If this is not done within the time period, we have the right to rescind our "approved" decision.

10. There is a one week grace period for dropped characters. If you drop a character and change your mind for whatever reason, you have one week from the date on your drop post to do so. However, it is up to the mod's discretion; email us and we will speak in private to determine if this course of action is one we will grant.

11. We have an open door policy! Feel free to come to us about plots, concerns, thoughts, or anything else that might be on your mind. You can use this post if you like.

12. Have fun! That’s the most important thing in a game, after all.



1. What kind of game is this? What is World's End?
This is a panfandom survival-horror game, set in a place called “World’s End”. It will be a dark game with mature themes, so keep that in mind if that’s not your cup of tea.

World's End is a desolate place. There are some standing buildings but most are broken or ruined in some way. There is no electricity, running water is limited to the public bathhouse and a central fountain. Common luxuries are even harder to come by. The only clothes are those fashioned by those in the city and the ones on the backs of new arrivals. Food must be hunted or foraged for, and will not keep long without cool refrigeration. Keep this in mind when making decisions and posting with your character.

2. What are the inspirations to this game?
We aim to bring a bit from all fandoms represented by the playerbase, but the laws of our multiverse draw heavily from “The Dark Tower” series by Stephen King.

3. What else inhabits World's End?
There is a [REVISED BEASTIARY, Coming Soon!] with a list of monsters, their descriptions, and locations.

Several local gods [SOON TO BE AN INFO PAGE] run the show here, and yes, they can read and respond to all of your journal entries - even the locked stuff. Characters may entreat favors from the gods, but of course whether or not they give it is another story. (And expect to do something for them, if they do give it to you!)

4. Is there a map?
Yes. There's also a handy guide on our LOCATIONS PAGE!

5. How is the time set up here?
One day in real life = one day in the city. Due to real life time constraints and various time zones, back or forward-dated timing can be indicated on posts to best to suit every one.

6. What happens if my character dies?
If a character dies, the gods will revive them, but they will lose one memory of your choosing. They will also take one full day to revive on the first death (so you may not post for 24 hours), and will take an additional 24 hours on each death after that (second death = 48, third death = 72, etc.)


7. Where do I post such and such?
Personal journal entries will be posted in your own character journal. OOC information (hiatus, welcomes, drops, ect) are for trialbyfire_ooc . Logs will go in trialbyfire_log.
Fan works (icons, art, fics, memes, ect.) go to tbf_fanworks.

8. What's tbf_bulletin?
This is an in-game bulletin board, found beside the fountain, where notes can be posted. Anything from Help Wanted, Lost and Found, to threatening messages can be found there. If you wish to post these 'anonymously', you can use the shared anonymous account, tbf_anon. Ask a mod for the password!

9. How are posts made to the characters' personal journals?
Upon arrival, each character finds on their person a small Personal Handheld System that looks like a Blackberry. Each device allows for text, voice, and video capabilities. They are build surprisingly resistant, and the interface is simple enough for those unfamiliar with modern technology to figure out with basic instruction. Messages may be sent privately, or posted openly.

10. What is the format for logs?

Then lj-cut the rest of it.

11. Is there anything that we need to have on our journals?
We request that you keep contact information (email, at least) and basic character information in the profile of your journal (series, name, a link to their history will do).

12. Are there activity checks?
[Policies, they are a changin'. Stay tuned.]


13. Where is the application form?
Right over here.

14. What fandoms do you take?
Just about anything, really. Anime, movies, TV, video games, books, & original characters. You name it. Alternate Universe versions of canon characters, however, are not. Why? Because you may have the opportunity to be playing those 'twinners' sooner or later, through in-game means!

15. Will you take characters imported from other journal-based RPGs?
Yes, we will. Be aware, though, that the application is slightly different and more detailed than the other.

16. Is there a character age limits? What's up Doc? about animal characters?
Conditions in World's End are considered really tough for kids under thirteen, and so the Gods won't be bringing young ones.
However, if you can convince us why that character should/would be there and how they can survive on their own, we might bend that rule. As far as animal/anthropomorphic characters go, though, we’ll have to say no.

17. Is there a waiting period between picking up characters, or a max cap. on the number of characters we can app?
You are welcome to play as many characters as you can keep active according to our activity rules. We’d like to limit people to one new character a week. That should give you ample time to get them into the story line, get them settled, and get comfortable.

18. My character has these awesome powers that can destroy the world. Can I use them here?
The gods are onto you and won’t let destroy what they’ve spent all this time building. Please, use personal discretion; it’s no fun if someone doesn’t have any weaknesses or can kill you in one glance. Where your characters' powers can affect another character, please ask permission. Gods may even dampen certain special abilities to even things out, but we'll let your know if/when that happens.

19. There is a character from this video game/movie/tv/book/comic canon, and I want to app the same character that appears in a different canon (examples: FF7 Cloud/KH Cloud, Sandman Lucifer/Constantine Lucifer, comic book John Constantine/movie John Constantine). Is this okay?
We will take this on a case by case basis. Please email the mods beforehand so we can discuss it with you in private first.

23. Are there any characters that are off limits to be played?
Yes: Jenova from "Final Fantasy 7", Pyramid Head from "Silent Hill", Gregory Wilson from "Rule of Rose", and Stephen King's Tak, Crimson King, Randall Flagg, Doctors (Insomnia), The Man In Black.

24. If someone's already reserved a character you want, are you not able to app them unless that person's reserve expires, or can you both submit an app and have the mods choose the best?
You must wait until that person's reserve expires, or until their application is processed and they are rejected.

25. How do I get in touch with a mod?
You can reach any of us with a PM to trialbyfiremods, or by using the mod email,

To contact us individually:
Kelly email:, AIM: magicnme4e
Mi email:, AIM: kadajball

Have any other questions?
Ask them here!
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